In 2013 we purchased much of our stock from a local winery in barrels. We bottled the wine and re-labeled with our own labels. The varieties we purchased were extremely well received by locals and regionally under the old label. The family that we purchased from is keeping the name but are no longer in operation.

For Sale in Washington state.

Varieties under our label

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon- Buy

2008 Syrah- Buy

2009 Tempranillo- Buy

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon- Buy

2009 Cinsault- Buy

2009 Malbec- Buy

2009 Petit Verdot - Buy

2009 Souzão- Buy

2009 Sangiovese- Buy

2009 Tinta Cao- Buy

2010 Malbec- Buy

Hand crafted by our family on premises.

*2013 Cabernet Franc- Buy

*2014 Shrub Steppe Red - Buy

*2014 Cabernet Franc- Buy

*2015 Shrub Steppe Red- Buy

*2015 Merlot- Buy

*2015 Cabernet Franc- Buy

†2018 Riesling- Buy

Wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, and fundraisers contact us over email for special pricing and delivery.

All varieties 2008-2010 were barreled in French oak from Vintage date through the summer of 2014 then bottled at Viento Ridge. All varieties 2013+ are barreled in French Oak or American Oak and will be aged for 12-18 months prior to bottling at Viento Ridge.

* Grapes grown on premise. †Grapes grown in East Wenatchee

If you don't purchase at the winery you will be charged in full for the wine and FedEx freight and only within Washington state.